10 Tips to stay motivated if you lose your job: Part 2


Losing a job is something that the majority of us will unfortunately have to go through at some point in our lives.

Once you get over the initial shock, you have to work out a way forward and hopefully some of these tips will help you get back onto the road of recovery.

In the first 5 tips, which you can find here, we discussed why retaining your self-belief is vital if you want to have any chance of getting back into employment.

We also looked at ways of utilising your network, the importance of staying healthy and focused and above all, why it is imperative to have a clear strategy behind your job search.

Below are the final five tips to help you get back into employment after you lose your job:

6. 'Broaden your search

This could be an ideal opportunity to change career direction.' I know that when I lost my job in 2005, as mentioned in part 1, I panicked and immediately wanted to jump straight back into a similar role.' My thought process at the time was that my skill set was limited to that particular sector and my job search suffered as a result.

However, you will be surprised at the number of employees who are happy to give training to the right people if they have the right attitude and passion.' Look for opportunities where you feel you could use your existing skills to adapt to a new role.

Switched on employers will understand the importance of experience that candidates can bring from other sectors and how this can be utilised to bring fresh ideas into their own business.

7. 'Use your spare time wisely

During my wilderness months of 2005, I really wish someone had given me this advice.' Although you may feel in limbo, try not to, as I did, get stuck in the same routine of spending most of the day in front of a computer refreshing job boards, whilst listening to 6 music!

A great way to get out of the house and add some new skills to your CV is to try some volunteering.' With thousands of opportunities in the voluntary sector, this could be just what is needed to experience a new challenge and meet some new people.

Potential employers will also be impressed that you have taken the initiative to use your time to benefit others.' So, if you have always wanted to volunteer abroad then this could be the ideal time to do it and who knows if you will ever have the opportunity to do it again!

It could be just the break you need from the norm and you will hopefully come back revitalised and better equipped to face the job hunting challenge head on.

8. 'Don't suffer in silence ' ask for help

Don't feel that you have to tackle your job search alone.' Enlist the help of a specialist recruiter who will help you focus your job search and give you the requisite help and advice needed.

They should be able to impart advice on which companies are currently recruiting and the recruiter should also be able to do a mailshot with your details to their own network of businesses to garner interest.

As they will have seen hundreds of CVs, give them the opportunity to review your'CV as they will know if it is fit for purpose and if it is likely to resonate with potential employers.' They will also be able to give you some interview tips and some further pointers on where to find that next opportunity.

You will also find plenty of advice online and we have written numerous articles on tackling the job search process, which you can find here.

9. 'Stay Positive

You will probably get sick of people saying this to you, but it is important that you retain the fact that you would be an asset to any company who acquire your services.

In the first part'of this article we spoke about making a list of your key attributes which will help you quantify the experience, skills and knowledge you possess.' This will help you with your job search and filling in those all-important applications.

Recruiters and potential employers will also respond much more favourably to someone who is displaying positivity rather than illustrating some of the pessimism you may obviously be feeling.

10. 'Maintain your job seeking/life balance

It can all be too easy to let your job search become completely time consuming.' Remember to take time to enjoy the other aspects of your life and don't forget the people who are supporting you through this task.

I made the mistake of trying to fill every waking hour filling in job applications and scouring job boards and I would always felt a pang of guilt if I decided to venture away from my desk and even leave the house!

Don't make the same mistake.' Don't let your job search become an obsession that takes over your life.' I know it is easy said than done when you are in a constant state of anxiety, but you need to spend quality time doing things that make you happy.' Otherwise you could find that your job search begins to have a detrimental effect on your health.


I have been in the unenviable position of finding myself without a job to go to, so I know just how turbulent and sometimes desolate the job searching challenge can feel.

Staying positive and motivated is an intrinsic part of a successful job search.' Just as animals use the little known vomeronasal organ to smell fear and pounce, recruiters will sense any negativity in your voice and could therfore be wary of putting you forward to their clients.

I've experienced that horrible feeling, sitting there in front of my computer wondering where that next job role is coming from.' But things do get better and although you probably can't see it, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Stay positive and organised and I am sure your next job is just around the corner.

Good luck in your job search and should you need any further advice, you can contact my personally via LinkedIn or Twitter below, or get in touch here.