5 Quick Ways to Improve Employee Motivation


Replacing good staff in this age of austerity can prove to be a massive drain on resources.' Therefore, motivating your best staff is vital to try and keep a settled and content workforce.

Whilst competitive employee packages will go a long way to achieving this, it can also be the small staff perks that will keep your staff happy on a day to day basis.

I've listed below 5 quick wins to improve employee motivation and these little carrots could be the difference between employees being satisfied or wanting to jump ship:

Employee Motivation: 1. Ability to Work from Home

This still has a little bit of a stigma attached to it. Some managers still can't trust that their staff will work as efficiently under their own roof as they would in the office. Working from home does demand a level of self-discipline that many don't have. The key to ensuring that your staff work as effectively from home as they would in the office is down to objectives. As long as you set out a clear outline of what you can expect the staff member to achieve in the time they spend at home, then you should have no complaints.

Employee Motivation:'2. Ability to earn additional days off

Offering the opportunity to earn additional free days can be extremely desirable for many employees. Setting up a program where employees can earn additional time off that they can use whenever and however they choose can be a great incentive that shouldn't cost your business any cash.

Employee Motivation:'3. Illustrate Gratitude

It isn't always the case that employees are motivated by huge bonuses.' Sometimes a great way to motivate staff is simply by consistently thanking them.' A lot of managers have the illusion that their staff know they're appreciated, but the reality is that staff need to hear it.' A happy workforce is a productive and hopefully loyal workforce!

Employee Motivation:'4. Wall of Fame

With staff of the month awards thought by many staff to be simply a political exercise, actually celebrating an employee's success by posting their work on the wall of fame can have be a massive boost to morale. Failing that, how about giving them their own car parking space for a week next to the MD?

Employee Motivation:'5. Opportunities to learn

With a slowing economy, it's imperative that employers look to support their best employees in any way they can, in order to retain their services. One way to encourage employee retention is to reimburse the expense of any training courses or additional education that may be undertaken. This will demonstrate that you want the employee to grow with the business and will also tie them in to their place of work for a number of years.

Staff perks are just one way to reward and motivate staff, especially in an age of recession.

To discover some further ways that you can motivate your staff, you can download our free eGuide below entitled, 'Rewarding and motivating in a recession.'

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