How the flat fee model will cut the cost of your recruitment in 2013


In the current economic climate, most, if not all, recruiters are looking to cut their costs.

Can a flat fee approach help companies to reduce their recruitment costs in 2013?

Flat Fee: addressing the obvious costs

The obvious benefit of flat fee recruitment is its clear and one-off cost, compared to fees in traditional recruitment approaches.

Choosing the flat fee model gives recruiters a clearer idea of their overall costs. But it's important to choose your provider carefully so that you benefit from high quality as well as lower recruitment costs.

Flat Fee: addressing the hidden costs

Many of the benefits of the flat fee model lie in its potential to reduce the more hidden costs of recruitment. These are the issues that take up time and valuable resource for the in-house team.

They also include the long-term costs of recruiting and selecting an inappropriate person for the role and creating a pattern of staff attrition. Select the right provider and you can see of these significant hidden costs of recruitment.

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