CV Writing Tips: A Video Guide Part 1


CV Writing Tips for maximum impact

The current job market is more competitive than ever before. 'An unfortunate'by-product'of that is there are a large proportion of candidates who will simply scatter gun their CV at any jobs that look remotely relevant to what they are looking for.

A large amount of applications means that recruiters will be sifting through more CVs than ever before. 'Therefore the likelihood is that your CV will only get between 15 to 30 seconds to grab that recruiter's attention amongst the plethora of CVs they will be attempting to shortlist.

Because of this, it is imperative that you avoid the pitfalls that many candidates fall into and optimise your CV to make a real impact.

Join Mark & James from Response below as they guide you through the first part of CV writing tips. 'From inside secrets of what recruiters are really looking for in a CV, to understanding the importance of how structuring your CV can make a massive difference to your chances of success.

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