Flat fee recruitment: The recruiter's secret weapon


Could you be missing out on an important secret weapon that has helped hundreds of companies save on their recruitment costs whilst attracting a high calibre of recruit? If so, you could be overlooking an approach that is set to streamline the recruitment process ' and maintain'that high calibre of candidate.

So what is it that makes flat fee recruitment the recruiter's secret weapon in the year ahead?

The candidate market overpopulation and the war on talent

The job market is set to stay volatile throughout 2012, and the war for talent is set to get even tougher. Staying ahead of your competition and getting to the best people first is vital for a company's success.

In 2012 there will continue to be more and more candidates entering the market as public sector cuts bite, and the private sector struggles to recover from the recession.

This will make it tougher and more time consuming to find and recruit the right people, mainly because you're likely to be inundated with applications for every vacancy you advertise, and the majority of those will be inappropriate.' In can a huge source of inefficiency for a HR department or recruitment team.

The flat fee recruitment approach allows you to get your vacancy advertised on hundreds of job boards, reaching huge communities of job seekers. It also'gives you a fully managed'recruitment campaign, which includes acknowledging every candidate, filtering the response down to the very best, and giving you only the shortlisted candidates.

It also helps you get to the best people first purely because of the reach and exposure your vacancy gets, which unless you negotiate and manage your own job board contracts and have the internal resource to manage hundreds of applications, is a massive advantage.

That in itself will save you a huge amount of time.

The cost-per-hire argument

Everyone remembers all too well the recession of 2008/2009.' It's almost engendered a culture of 'watching the pennies' and measuring a return on investment on just about everything.

Recruitment is no different.

Most companies we talk to are desperately trying to reduce their cost per hire and remove their reliance on costly methods of recruitment, such as traditional recruitment consultancies or printed media.

The flat fee model is all about minimising a company's cost per hire and maximising the return on investment for their recruitment activity.' Flat fee recruitment companies are able to pass on their economies of scale and provide a massively cost effective recruitment model for their clients.' The model also allows companies to recruit as many times as they would like from the same response without being penalised financially, which reduces the cost per hire even further.

It also allows companies to build a future talent pipeline and revisit a previous advert response to re-recruit from it, maybe for a different role, and again at no extra cost.

Recruiters across the country are becoming wise to the massive advantages and benefits of flat fee recruitment which is why it's becoming their secret weapon in 2012.

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