Flat fee recruitment ' the recruiter's secret weapon


2012 has been a tough year for company's HR depts.' More than ever, candidates are firing off their CV to any job opportunity that are remotely relevant to what they after.

This in turn means that finding and recruiting the right people becomes extremely time consuming for HR teams that take on the arduous task of CV sifting and selecting candidates for interview.

With an over-populated candidate market, companies are looking to both streamline their recruitment process and reduce their cost per hire.

Traditional recruitment consultancies charge as much as 25% of a placement's salary.' And this is one of the key reasons that companies are looking for alternatives and this is where the flat-fee model comes into its own.

For as little as '450 per vacancy, our flat fee recruitment approach allows you to get your vacancy advertised on 500 of the leading job boards, reaching huge communities of job seekers.

It will also give you a fully managed recruitment campaign which includes acknowledging every candidate, filtering the response down to the very best and only giving you the shortlisted candidates.

If you are now starting to wonder how your recruitment process ever functioned without 'flat-fee', we would love to hear from you and help your business save a bundle of money on their cost per hire.

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