Four recruitment risks of advertising a vacancy


Advertising a vacancy comes with a number of risks for a company. While it may seem like a straightforward, every day activity, advertising a vacancy can have a serious impact on a company. Here's how:

Lost in translation:

Advertising a vacancy starts with putting together your job specification. Overlook any important details in your spec and you could attract entirely the wrong type of candidate.

Failure to launch:

The process of advertising your vacancy is as important as the vacancy itself. If you don't have a wide range of channels in which to promote it, you could find your recruitment campaign fails to launch.

Missing persons:

There's no point in advertising a vacancy unless it gets to the best people for the job. But if you fail to get it to all the potential recruits out there, you could find there are missing persons (and talent) in your company.

Repeat to fade:

When your first attempt at advertising a vacancy doesn't bring you results, it is tempting to repeat the same campaign again, exactly as before. But doing this risks losing you time and money and creating the same poor results.

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