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How can strategy accelerate your recruitment process?

Is strategy something you fit in around your everyday'recruitment activities'- or something that ensures your organisation stays healthy? Many recruiters are finding that a lack of strategy is reducing the overall performance of their organisation. So how can companies use strategy to boost their'recruitment process?

Move from the tactical to the strategic:'Change the focus from the purely tactical issues to the strategic. This means that you're spending time on shaping a productive and potentially more profitable strategy rather than simply reacting.

Move from the reactive to the proactive:'Actively'reducing the amount of time you spend on recruitment'can increase the overall health of an organisation. This is because it frees up time at most levels of the HR team to focus on more strategic approaches and proactively engages your organisation.

Adopt proactive well-being for your staff:'Time invested in the right way can create a healthier organisation in the long-term. An important part of this is taking a more proactive approach to employee well being. In the long term, this reduces the significant cost of staff attrition and the risks of losing talent to a competitor.

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