How could Flat Fee Recruitment helps slash your recruitment costs?


Flat fee recruitment is a much simpler alternative to the complex pricing structure of traditional'recruitment approaches. Not only is it simpler to work to, but it can also help to cut your hidden recruitment costs.

Flat fee recruitment'offers the following important advantages:

  • Clearer strategy: Flat fee recruitment allows you to see exactly what your known recruitment costs are going to be. With the right supplier, you also have the benefit of paying just once per campaign, no matter how many people you recruit for it.
  • Specialist help: The right recruitment supplier will offer flat fee recruitment - with hiring expertise. In other words, you pay less for the same - or better - level of knowledge. This releases time from your own team and helps cut the drain on your resources.
  • More time: A clear'flat fee'system with built in expertise also gives you back something very valuable - time. That can have all kinds of benefits for your recruitment costs and your team.

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