How Flat Fee Recruitment Gives You More Reach at Low Cost


Reaching the highest volume of high quality candidates is one of the main challenges of recruitment. But choosing the right kind of flat fee provider allows you to achieve that balance ' and at a low cost when compared to traditional recruitment approaches.

This approach involves two elements:

1. Opting for a provider that can give you a broad recruitment reach

This doesn't simply mean a recruitment reach that is wider than your in-house approach. It needs to be a reach that fully embraces the many ways that candidates look for jobs ' an approach that gets your vacancy in front of as many high quality potential candidates as possible.

2. Selecting a flat fee recruitment option that is strategically designed to reach both type of candidates

This about a recruitment approach which reaches not only those potential recruits who are currently looking for a new role (active), but those who are not (passive). This is particularly important in'this unusually volatile job market.

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