How to Deal with Recruitment Issues?


Addressing pain at the top of the recruitment funnel

If you're a recruiter, dealing with challenges comes with the territory. But when challenges affect every stage of the recruitment process, it's probably time to address the'HR pain chain. The first stage at which recruiters commonly have problems is right at the top of the recruitment funnel. As the initial recruitment stage, the top of the funnel is crucial to'creating a healthy pipeline. So what are the risks at the top of recruitment funnel?

This stage involves activities such as defining the job role,'advertising the vacancy'and shortlisting candidates. Potential pain points include:

  • Time drain caused by duration of drawing up job specs: Use too much resource at this stage and the time drain could have a knock effect on the whole team. There are steps you can put into action to reverse this spiral and create a more productive recruitment process.
  • Risk of drain on organisational talent by bringing the wrong people on board: The top of the funnel is where you bring in the right - or wrong - people so it is a particularly risky stage for organisations. But there are ways to address this problem and build a better talent pipeline for the long-term.

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