How to Reduce the Hidden Drain on Your Recruitment Process


Finding a way to'reduce recruitment costs'is an important issue for most recruiters. Recruiting is traditionally a cost-heavy and resource-heavy process. It's no surprise then, that recruiters are looking for better ways to manage and to lower the spend involved with hiring. But finding the answer is about much more than just reducing your budget. Because much of the cost of recruitment is actually hidden away within therecruitment process'itself.

By unlocking these, the recruiter can start to free up their budget. But what are these hidden costs? Two of them are:

  1. Not creating the right job spec: It may seem a little surprising, but starting the recruitment process off with an inappropriate or inaccurate job spec can create all kinds of knock on costs. An inappropriate job spec can lead to a company hiring an inappropriate candidate. This in turn can create additional costs because of having to rehire or deal with employees who don't perform. Address your job spec and you will reduce one of the hidden costs of recruitment.
  2. Not selecting right: Fail to hire the right staff and you could create all kinds of costs for your company. Address this by ensuring you reach all the'available candidates, both those looking for a new job - and those who aren't.

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