How to reduce the time drain on recruiters


Time. We could all do with more of it. Lack of time is currently costing companies a great deal in wasted resources and rushed recruitment decisions. It's not just the obvious costs. A lack of time is also creating'a range of hidden costs'that only become clear in the long-term. With activities ranging from'staff retention issues'to exit interviews to on boarding, it is not surprising that recruiters are finding it tough to balance their schedules.

What can recruiters do to reduce the drain on their time?

  • Step back and look strategically at your entire recruitment funnel
  • Assess how well each stage flows into the other, how well resourced this flow is and what isn't working right now
  • Adjust your focus to free up more time and feed positively back into the recruitment funnel
  • Look at where you can use targeted support to reduce the drain on in-house resources

From HR pain chain to effective recruitment funnel What's the key to turning the HR pain chain into an effective and more'profitable recruitment funnel? Taking a strategic approach and fitting all your recruitment activities within it. This change of focus will help you see where all the different activities fit together and make it easier to identify the weak areas and potential problems. Taking this view gives you a clear blueprint that aligns your recruitment strategy and talent pipeline with the overall goals of the business. Identify where the danger points are ' whether it is time taken to recruit, staff attrition that never seems to reduce or confusion between staff about overlapping roles ' and take on targeted, specialist support to strengthen these areas and turn your pain chain into an effective recruitment funnel.

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