How to unlock time in your recruitment process


A 5 Step Approach to maximising your'efficiency

1. Design your role with the experts:

Use experts to'design and create the roles'for which you are recruiting. Ensure that you'develop a job spec'that meets professional standards.

2. Release time by using an approach to support the top of the funnel:

Look at all the activities involved with the top of the recruitment funnel and identify how these can be streamlined and reduced (without reducing quality). Look at flattening the structure of approvals and sign off to cut down the'time involved.

3. Address time demands at the middle of the recruitment funnel:

Again, addressing time demands at this stage can actively benefit the'overall health of your organisation, so ensure that you receive expert help'throughout the'recruitment funnel.

4. Expect deliverables to be the results and a candidate shortlist:

Instead of making the process your outcome, make the deliverables and the shortlist your outcome. This will keep the process moving more quickly and will also ensure that everyone involved completes their tasks on schedule. This approach also boosts accountability.

5. Don't miss any talent:

Failing to find the right employees can be serious drain on the health of an organisation. Make sure your'recruitment funnel'ensures you achieve the necessary reach and advertising bang! Also ensure that your recruitment approach reaches both the people actively looking for a new job (active)'and the potential candidates who aren't (passive).

After all, recruiting the wrong person, in this case, the person who is a team member rather than a team talent has been found to cost an organisation a great deal, both in time and money (Up to x2.5 salary paid, source: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) or between three and five times the salary and up to ten times for very senior or specialist positions (Harvard Business School).

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