How to Update Your Recruitment Approach for a Healthier Organisation


Solve the HR pain chain

An ineffective'recruitment funnel'can create its very own 'pain chain' for HR professionals:

  1. Company performance affected
  2. Company culture affected
  3. High attrition/poor company culture
  4. Out of control reactive HR issues
  5. HR time spent on reactive issues
  6. Too much time spent recruiting

So how do you avoid this cycle and unlock the health of your organisation?

Move from the tactical to the strategic:'Change the focus from the purely tactical issues to the strategic. This means that you're spending time on shaping a productive and potentially more profitable strategy rather than simply reacting. While this demands an investment of time and money, it can actually reduce your use of both these resources in the long-term.

Move from the reactive to the proactive:'Actively reducing the level of recruitment time can increase the overall health of an organisation. This is because it frees up time at most levels of the HR team to focus on more'strategic approaches'and proactively engages the organisation.

Adopt proactive well being:'Time invested right can create a healthier organisation in the long-term. An important part of this is taking a more proactive approach to employee well being. Long-term, this reduces the significant cost of staff attrition and the risks of losing talent to a competitor. It also helps to boost the performance of an organisation day-to-day.

Activities HR professionals can use to benefit proactive well being are'effective training and development'and facilities for listening and feedback. HR professionals currently recognise employee engagement as an important issue, viewing it as the biggest issue they have to tackle (Source: The State of HR Report, 2011, Speechly Bircham). Developing and maintaining effective facilities for employee feedback is essential.

Address the active - and the passive - jobs market:'The health of an organisation depends on having the right people in place, so it is important to ensure that you reach both the known (active) and the hidden (passive) jobs market. This means finding a way to publicise vacancies both to the people who are actively looking for a new role and to those high calibre potential candidates who aren't looking, but who may be interested in your vacancy.

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