HR Pain Chains: Dealing with Recruitment Challenges


Addressing pain at the middle of the recruitment funnel.

Most recruiters will know how to approach their own unique recruitment funnels (the process of advertising your vacancy to the right candidates, through to selection and hire).' Yet a well established recruitment funnel also means well established challenges.

Nowhere is this more true than for the middle of the recruitment funnel - the stage where you assess your candidate response and select individuals you'd like to interview.

Potential pain points of this stage include:

  • Time and staffing resources wasted by bringing in and interviewing inappropriate candidates: These issues can create an incredible drain on a recruiter and their surrounding team. Whilst these activities are core recruitment activities, they involve a range of hidden costs. But there are ways you can address these kinds of issues to make the middle of the funnel less of a risk.
  • Additional administrative activities due to additional filtering required to find the right people: These activities can prove a big drain on your team and your team. However, it is possible to do these activities differently and make you recruitment funnel much more effective.

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