Human Resource Pain Chain


Is your recruitment funnel turning into a pain chain?

Are you finding that yourrecruitment process'causes more problems than solutions? If you find yourself dealing with issues such as exit interviews, average salary queries and onboard training rather than your overall'recruitment strategy, then you may need to stop and think.

Here are three signs that your recruitment funnel'could be'turning into an HR pain chain:

You're spending more time dealing with the day-to-day issues rather than the bigger picture

If this is the case for you review your overall workload and assess how much time you spend on reactive rather than strategic issues. Do you find that you have less and less time to plan ahead and set goals? It could be a sign that you're caught in the HR pain chain.

You're losing staff on a regular basis

Staff retention is an important issue because it can have a serious knock on effect on your company. Are you seeing staff move on regularly - often after a short period of time? This is a sure sign that you are failing to address important stages of the recruitment funnel.

Your core recruitment processes seem to be getting more and more complex

Spending more time dealing with the finer detail such as average salary and final job spec? Obviously, detail is important in HR. But an increasingly complex'HR process'is a sure sign that you're getting stuck in the HR pain chain.

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