Just what does a Human Resources Manager do?


Gaining and retaining a competitive edge plays a huge part in any organisation's success.

Of course, there are many facets in achieving this success, but one of the key cornerstones to any business's longevity is employing and maintaining the right individuals.

This is why, certainly in larger organisations, the role of the HR manager is growing massively in importance.

Gone are the days where a HR manager would receive a handful of CVs for a role and select a couple for interview.' Recent developments in systems mean that recruiting employees is now a much more developed process of using team-based hiring, utilising methods from employee referrals'and taking advantage of'social media sourcing.

Therefore the modern HR manager must now become more adaptable, resilient and able to quickly change direction.' They'must be capable of facilitating progressive organisations who nurture their talent to aid staff retention, keeping'staff churn to a minimum.

In small businesses, a HR manager's responsibilities could overlap into other areas of the business.' However, in larger organisations the HR manager's role will be more defined and will cover myriad areas of human resources from hiring, supporting staff, training, performance management, safety, administration, benefits, communication and employee motivation.

HR managers come in all different guises.' From our experience of HR managers over the years, we have put together a quick guide on the four different types of HR manager you can expect to encounter in your working life.

Can you identify your HR manager amongst these?' Or perhaps you are a HR manager, and if so, are you brave enough to tell us which one of the four types you fall into?

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