5 Recruitment Marketing Tactics Other Businesses Aren't Utilising


Want to get the upper-hand on your competitors?

Then you're in the right place.

It turns out that there are certain recruitment marketing tactics that businesses haven't fully adopted yet.

This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to scoop up the top talent in your industry.

According to The UK Candidate Attraction Report by Eploy ATS, there are five distinct areas you need to look into.

Including email marketing, posting web content, events, social media and video.

Here's a breakdown of all of these underutilised recruitment marketing tactics.

Email marketing

In the report, it reveals that only 5% of businesses are using email marketing to advertise newsletters and job alerts on a daily basis.

While 7% of them are only doing it every week and a further 9% every month.

More importantly, 41% of UK business haven't even bothered using it at all and have no intention of doing so.

With millions of professionals checking their emails every day, that's a staggering statistic.

Granted, there's no need to send regular comms to a potential candidate every day, but keeping them engaged and warm enough on a weekly or monthly basis is worthwhile.

Yes, you probably won't generate much business from potential future employees, but keeping them in the loop about your company will keep you relevant.

Then once you have a job opening, they'll be more entitled to hit apply. Networking events are a prime opportunity to connect with top professionals.

Get their email address (and their permission), then add them to your email marketing funnel.

If they like what they see, they won't unsubscribe.  

Posting website content (like blogs and case studies)

Despite both blogs and case studies being integral for SEO, businesses still aren't posting on their website regularly.

In fact, only 5% do it daily, 17% every week and 11% monthly.

No matter what industry you work in, there will always be room for posting relevant website content.

Shout from the rooftops about charity events, networking events, awards or how you helped clients.

When you do this, you're not only helping sell your company to prospects, but you're also winning over potential new employees too.

At the end of the day, professionals want to work for a forward-thinking, innovative company where they can thrive.

So, it's worth telling them all about it.


The next recruitment marketing tactic includes industry events, networking events, college/university open days and job fairs.

As well as social media and video content, events can boost brand presence.

Plus, it pays to speak to a person in public, as you can get a better idea of who someone is and what they stand for.

College and university open days/fairs also enable you to access raw talent from your local area too.

It's about having a proactive attitude and investing in the formation of face-to-face relationships with people who might become relevant in the future.

In the Eploy ATS report, only a combined 11% attend one every month and 30% haven't even done it. That's an incredible gap in the market for attracting candidates.

Social media

The uptake on social media from businesses is continuing to grow.

Utilising the benefits of all of the channels can make it easier to screen candidates, extend job ad reach and headhunt.

Which in turn, saves money and allows you to tap into a pool of passive job seekers.

The UK Candidate Attraction Report reveals that posting daily drastically improves the type of candidates who apply for your business, yet only 19% of businesses are doing it.

Most businesses (28%) post weekly, while 10% do it monthly, 16% occasionally, 13% are planning on starting and the final 13% have no plans on doing it at all.

To post daily (or even weekly), doesn't mean you have to bombard followers with recruitment marketing fluff.

Share blogs, relevant posts, ask questions via surveys and give company updates.

Social media should be used as a platform to showcase your wonderful team culture, benefits and offerings.

It will certainly make a difference when you're trying to attract candidates.


Video content is arguably one of the most important elements of any marketing strategy nowadays.

It creates transparency between businesses and the outside world via a visual means.

In a leading white paper, Video Technology and the Modern Recruiting Process, it states that more than 50% of businesses that use recruitment videos take less time to fill a position.

You'd be a fool to ignore that statistic.

However, 19% only use video as a part of their recruitment marketing strategy occasionally.

Followed by 5% every month, 2% weekly and 2% daily.

Sure, unless you own a corporate company, you won't exactly need to post recruitment videos every day ' as you won't have that many jobs to advertise.

But utilising it should involve doing it more than 'occasionally'.

Get it right and you'll steal a march on your competitors by cutting through other generic job adverts.

Put it into practice

If you want to attract the best candidates quickly and effectively, implementing some of these recruitment marketing tactics is imperative.

It'll allow you to reach a fresh talent pool and build brand awareness in the process.

Essentially, you'd be taking a proactive response to fill a position, instead of a reactive one.

And if Eploy's report is anything to go by, you'll definitely be leading the way in terms of how UK businesses attract professionals.

That's some powerful stuff!

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