Six Key Reasons to use Response Web Recruitment


Why flat fee recruitment is the future of hiring

Recruiting is getting tougher. Yet many'organisations'are still relying on conventional recruitment approaches to select, hire and recruit the candidates they need, adding significantly to their'cost per hire. There is a simpler, but more powerful way to bring the best people on board:'flat fee recruitment. But what does flat fee recruitment offer above and beyond conventional recruitment approaches?

Lower cost per hire

Flat fee recruitment gives recruiters a clear knowledge of the cost of hiring new people. This is the model where a flat fee is charged for each vacancy - regardless of the number of recruits a company eventually takes on. This approach has been proven to offer up to 74% reduction in recruitment costs and deliver'up to a 90% reduction in the time spent hiring new employees.

One small payment, lots of benefits

Truly effective flat fee recruitment balances a one touch approach for recruiters with multiple benefits.

A company's vacancy is advertised on the most relevant of the UK's top 500 job boards to attract the active candidates in the market. To attract more passive candidates, online CV databases and social networks are trawled, and the most relevant candidates sourced are made aware of the vacancy.' All applicants are then filtered down to the most relevant ones that meet your criteria.

Flat fee recruitment is'an incredibly efficient process which streamlines companies' recruitment processes and slashes their cost per hire.

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