Streamline your job search in 2013: A Video Guide


Before I joined'Response, I spent quite a while lost in the job search wilderness.' I would sit at my desk at home, ploughing through the same recruitment websites day after day, firing my CV at anything that vaguely matched the criteria I was after.

Strangely this'scatter-gun'approach'didn't'get me very far and looking back, my unfocused approach to job searching probably cost me a load of time that would have been better spent on household chores!

And'I'm'sure'I'm'not alone.' Unless you take a structure approach to your job search, you too could fall into this time-wasting trap.

I've put together four handy tips below which should help you streamline your job search.' There is also a video to watch where you can join Mark and James from'Response, who have over 20 years of recruitment experience between them.' They will share with you the best way to approach the task of job searching and how to ensure you don't waste your time.' The video is below, followed by the four job searching tips.


Job Search Tip: 1.'Set up RSS feeds

Put together a list of websites that you regularly check and then use a tool such as iGoogle or Netvibes to create an extra tab and add those RSS feeds or bookmarks (where RSS feeds are not available).


Job Search Tip: 2.'Optimise your Online Presence

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and optimised.' It is almost second nature now for recruiters to check that your LinkedIn profile matches with what you state on a CV.' There is'plenty of advice'out there which can help employees find you more easily.' Remember, if anybody types your name into Google, then are likely to get see your other social media online profiles.' It is therefore imperative that you set your Facebook profile so that it is set to 'friends only', as you don't really want perspective employees seeing you half-naked sipping cocktails on a banana boat off the coast of Cyprus, or do you?


Job Search Tip: 3.'Organise your CV and Cover Letters

One size does not fit all when it comes to the art of CV and cover letter writing.' Therefore, prepare a number of different CVs and cover letters geared towards different industries.'' You will then be able to highlight specific skills and achievements in the various versions, meaning when you are applying for a specific role you will be armed with a CV and cover letter that fits the bill.


Job Search Tip: 4.'Network

Don't be afraid to get the word out to your network that you are job hunting.' This is where you want to leverage your relationships with friends,'acquaintances''co-workers' bosses, in fact anybody who may have seen your work prowess and can assist in that search.


Thanks for watching and should you require any further assistance in your recruitment process, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team'here, or you can join the LinkedIn Response Knowledge Network'here.