The 2012 business checklist for cutting recruitment costs


Aiming to cut your recruitment costs in 2012?

Here's a quick business checklist of some of the core in-house issues you'll'need to address:

Time taken:

How long is it taking you to recruit? Do you have any recurring issues that take up more time than they should, such as repeating job advertising campaigns or updating job specifications?

Resource use:

Match your team up to your overall recruitment approach to see how well they fit. Is there a good match? Who could benefit from being freed up for other activities? Could you reduce your recruitment costs by using a hybrid model that combines your in-house team with external expertise?


Is there a set standard for advertising a vacancy? Do you follow a set, well established procedure ' and is this creating satisfactory results?


How effective is your recruitment approach in bringing in high calibre candidates? Could you boost your process by using new ways to hire in order to cut recruitment costs and attract the best available recruits?

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Nathan Lloyd is the Group Marketing Manager of Response Web Recruitment.

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