The 3 Main Benefits of Online Recruitment


In the last 15 years, online recruitment has exploded onto the scene and now dominates modern recruitment practices.

Traditional print advertising has nosedived in that time, as job boards, online CV databases and (more recently) social media has helped to position online recruitment as the preferred method of sourcing the next generation of talent.

At Response, we embraced online recruitment in its infancy in 2003. Back then there were a handful of UK based job boards. Now there are over 2,000.

The shift hasn't just been about accessibility to the best candidates. In the early noughties, if you wanted the best person for your role you'd be inclined to task a trusted bank of recruitment consultants to source them for you. These days, you have a range of online recruitment access points which reduces your reliance on recruitment consultants and potentially reduces your cost-per-hire.

So if you're new to all of this, or if you're just curious, there are three major benefits of online recruitment that you might want to consider when making your next recruitment decision:

Online Recruitment Benefit No.1: Reduce your cost-per-hire

A huge benefit of online recruitment to you as the employer is a big saving on your recruitment budget and a reduction of your cost-per-hire.

With nearly every client we work with, this is the major goal for their recruitment department. Companies question the value that traditional recruitment consultancies genuinely offer.

The reality of the situation is that the emergence of online recruitment potentially gives anybody access to the same talent pools that recruitment consultants tap into. 'As a result, the recruitment arena has changed, with an emphasis on more direct sourcing, and this has therefore transferred the balance of power back to the hiring company.

If you know what you're doing, online recruitment can be very cost effective. It's not easy to know exactly where your perfect candidates will be hanging out (the average candidate looks on 4.2 job boards apparently).

Research the options available to you and work with job boards/CV databases that best suit their profile. We'd always advise working with a generic job board as well (Jobsite, Total Jobs, Monster) as they're hugely popular.

Get it right and you'll save a huge amount of money. And if you're unsure or you want some free, impartial guidance on what options you should pursue, call us on 01922 704 580.


Online Recruitment Benefit No.2: Reduce your time-to-hire

Speed is often of the essence for our clients. They want to recruit quickly to maximise internal efficiencies.

Online recruitment is the perfect tonic for any Recruitment Manager looking to quickly fill a role. One huge benefit of the online recruitment industry is that you're able to post a role online and get applications coming back to you within the hour.

In this very technologically progressive world, every job board now has a mobile offering. This often means that relevant candidates are made aware of relevant roles as they come live, in real time. In turn, this generates a very quick response.

A well-managed, refined back-end recruitment process will see you acknowledge every applicant, select the appropriate people for interview and reject any unsuitable individuals to ensure that your brand's image is maintained as an employer of choice.

More importantly, combined with a slick process, online recruitment will drastically reduce the time it takes for you to find the perfect person.

Online Recruitment Benefit No.3: Improved quality of your process

Ok, this is a benefit that only really comes to light if you have a well organised recruitment process already running in your organisation.

Online recruitment can help you radically improve the quality of your internal recruitment processes. Obviously applications are emailed to you rather the posted, or if you have one, candidates can be directed to your ATS.

You can create, build and develop your own electronic talent pool which allows you to re-resource future hires as well. It all leads to huge efficiencies and additional time and money saving.

Online recruitment also increases the quality of the people you hire. This is chiefly because of the potential reach that the various options give you. You have access to entire communities of people through online recruitment, and whilst this can create some additional work, it also increases the chances of you finding the best person for your role, giving you big time and money savings in the process.