The Rejuvenating Powers of a Work Sabbatical


We all need a holiday from time to time to recharge the batteries and avoid burnout in our careers.

But when that few weeks away in sunnier climes'doesn't'really cut the mustard any longer, then maybe you are ripe for a sabbatical.

A sabbatical can provide the time you need to assess where you going in your professional and personal life and give you that opportunity to take stock and re-evaluate if your career is moving in the right direction.

Work Sabbatical: So what is it?

The duration for a job sabbatical is typically a year and is an extended break from your job that gives you either, as'I've'mentioned, that time to take stock or perhaps the time to develop some new skills at college or university.

It may be that you are fortunate enough to be with a company that offer you the opportunity to take a sabbatical and then return to the same job when you return.' If you are considering taking a sabbatical leave you should ensure that you know how your role may change on your return, that way you can make an educated decision.

Work Sabbatical:'Taking that big leap

Before you take that life changing decision to take that sabbatical, you need to give some serious consideration to a couple of key areas:

Work Sabbatical:'Finances

It's usually the first thing you will think of when the idea of taking a sabbatical enters your head.' If you are in the fortuitous position to receive a full salary whilst on a sabbatical, then financing isn't likely to be an issue.' If not, then obviously you will need to give some serious consideration as to how your time away from work will be financed.

Work Sabbatical:'Health & Insurance

You need to be aware that whilst on your sabbatical, your health and insurance benefits may well be reduced from your employers.' Before making any decisions, check with your HR department to determine their policy for providing coverage for medical, dental and vision care during your sabbatical.'

Work Sabbatical:'Conclusion

A sabbatical is a great way to take time off to pursue your goals and objectives, without jeopardizing the security of your job.' You should always ensure that the sabbatical isn't just used as an extended break, but that you really use the time to reassess as many aspects of your life as you can.

If planned correctly, a sabbatical will result in you re-prioritising'your goals and hopefully adding that much needed spark back into your life once again.

Sabbaticals are just one way to reward and motivate staff, especially in an age of recession.

To discover some further ways that you can motivate your staff, you can download our free eGuide below entitled, 'Rewarding and motivating in a recession.'

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