Tips for cutting the cost of recruitment in 2012


Are you ready to cut your recruitment costs this year?

While reducing recruitment costs is something every organisation would like to achieve, many companies are not ready to make it happen in 2012. Here's how you can take the first steps to reducing'the cost of recruitment in your business in the future:

Check your team's time management

Take a close look at the way time is managed throughout your team. Is it a well managed resource or a continually draining asset? Are recruitment-led tasks taking too long? Could you be more efficient if you freed that time up in some way?

Address these questions and you'll start to make a change to the cost of recruitment. Look at ways you can utilise external resource to help free up more time for your team and allow them to focus on core activities.

Focus on a sound talent management philosophy

What's your company's talent management strategy? Is there a clear focus on each stage of the talent pipeline and on bringing in the right people to grow the business?

If you consider how these issues might impact your business and you address them,'you'll see a reduction in the high costs of talent drain and overall staff attrition. Consider ways you can use external expert support to reduce the costs and risks of hiring talent.

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