Tips on creating a better team unity with your staff in 2013


Implementing small changes such as finishing early on a Friday once a month to attend a free session to see a masseuse or masseur can boost the general team unity of your staff.

It doesn't have to be a massage, but perhaps a game of golf or a social get-together with colleagues, or generally any leisurely activity that helps them to relax for a few hours.

Some friendly competition is also a great way to bring together a team to work for the benefit of the whole.

Work with other team managers to create opportunities for fun. There is always an appropriate amount of enjoyment that can be incorporated into the work place while still maintaining professionalism.

You should also consider meeting with your team at least once a week. 'Set a plan and goals for the week and get the team to share ideas and experiences as well as give feedback concerning goals made in the previous week.

Also, meet with each member of your team on a regular basis. This allows you to take part in the increase of team unit. 'Managers ought not to exclude themselves from the unified group.

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