10 tips before you start a new job in 2013


Well done.' All that preparation has paid off.' You were brilliant at the interview and the new job is yours.

So how can you now alleviate some of those nerves that you may get on'the first day of your new role?

I've put together ten tips to help ensure a smooth transition into that new position: New Job: 1. Take a break' If possible, try and leave yourself at least a week between your old role and your new venture. You want to mentally leave your old job behind, so maybe go for a short holiday to de-clutter your mind to leave you refreshed to start your new role.

New Job:'2. Research the new job

Getting the job was the hard bit, so don't let yourself down by walking blindly into your new company without having done your research. Try looking beyond their snazzy website and do a bit of LinkedIn research on some of the personnel in the business to find out where they've come from. You'll grasp a much better understanding of the business if you do.

New Job: 3. Meet your colleagues

You will have probably been interviewed by a senior member of staff and someone from HR. Before starting a new job in the past, I've arranged to meet my new team either for a quick bite at lunch or after work for a drink. It'll certainly help you relax if you get to know who you are working with before you start and know some of the office etiquette

New Job: 4. Plan your route into work

Turning up 10 minutes late on your first day will set you off to the worst possible start. Get your route sorted before you start, perhaps consulting your new colleagues on the best routes in to avoid the heavy traffic.

New Job: 5. Create a good first impression

On your various trips for interviews, you will have noticed the dress code. If you didn't, give HR a call and get some pointers. Try and avoid turning up on your first day wearing that 'hilarious' South Park Tie. Remember first impressions count. Take the lead from your manager and even on dress-down days remember to keep it casual but smart.

New Job: 6. Leave the bad habits at the door

Sometimes you need a new challenge to bin those bad habits that had crept into your working day. Whether its time keeping or not finishing projects, now is the time to turn over a new leaf and deal with those bad habits head on.

New Job: 7. Find your new colleagues on Social Media

Don't be afraid to use your social media channels to connect with your new colleagues. I'd suggest that LinkedIn and Twitter would be great places to interact, but Facebook should be something that you hook up with somebody once you've got to know them a little better.

Now Job: 8. Choose a mentor

Something I've found invaluable in larger businesses is to select a mentor from a different sector to help guide me through the first few months of a new role. Usually that individual will be someone who is more senior than you. Arrange a catch up with them maybe a couple of times a month to find out more about the business.

New Job: 9. Identify the key challenges

Before you start the role, draw up a plan on what you consider the key challenges are to be successful. Share these with your manager when you start to see if your visions match. Don't worry if they don't, I'm sure your boss will be wowed by just how much thought and consideration you have put in.

New Job: 10. Above all else, enjoy the role

Don't become stressed if you don't completely grasp the new job after the first day. Everybody takes time to integrate themselves into a new business. Remember that you impressed enough to get the role in interview so you must be the right person for the job. Thanks for reading. To discuss this topic and many others, join our LinkedIn group, we look forward to seeing you there.