Two Issues you can't ignore if you want to cut recruitment costs


Recruitment. It's an essential process. But often a costly one. In addition to the more obvious costs, there are also the many hidden issues around hiring new staff. These are the problems that can cost you in terms of resources and budget - and have a knock on effect your company's performance. Two of them are:

Time:'Time can be a major element in the'cost of recruitment. When you start to address time issues, you actively address much of the cost of recruitment. Why? Because if you can identify which activities are taking up too much time, you can start to cut the time drain on your recruitment resources.

Onboarding and development:'On the surface, this may seem like a surprising aspect of hidden recruitment costs. Yet poor onboarding and developing can lead to a significant drain on your recruitment budget. It can also be a big drain on your overall organisational resources too. This is because if you fail to support and develop your new recruits, they will soon move on. Or they will stay on, but provide a poor performance for your business. Either way, getting onboarding right is a big step towards'reducing your recruitment costs.

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