Two steps to advertising a vacancy with flat fee recruitment


How to get maximum impact from your recruitment advertising

Are you planning on advertising a vacancy? Looking to fill a job role?

You may have noticed that there are more and more potential candidates out there looking for a role and many more people applying for inappropriate job roles. This makes it harder for recruiters to achieve the right results from an advertised vacancy.

But there are'two important things you can do to ensure that you maximise your return when you're advertising a vacancy:

1. Start with the right job specification

If you create a job specification that fails to match the precise needs of your role and your organisation'then you ultimately could end up with the wrong candidate in place. Ensure that your job specification is right for the job and'that you've thoroughly understood'what the role requires.

Draw up a list of the key characteristics that the role demands (both essential and desirable) and you're on your way to finding that perfect candidate.' Alternatively, consider using expert outsourced help to create the perfect match between the job specification'and the candidate.

2. Reach the right people

Advertising a vacancy is all about the'potential audience. Have you considered'the total reach that your approach to advertising a vacancy actually gives you?

It's so important to make sure that your role is seen by the most relevant active and passive candidates, and that requires advertising and searching on a number of online sources.' This isn't always practical for many companies.

One option in this situation is to'consider using outsourced support to broaden your recruitment advertising reach.

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