Two steps to cut the cost of your recruitment


Are you looking to reduce the cost of recruitment in 2012? You're not alone. Many recruiters are seeking to cut the costs of hiring in the year ahead. That's no surprise at a time with a more variable job market. So how can you actively cut the cost of recruitment in the year ahead? Here are two ways:

1. Make your recruitment pipeline more sustainable

Cutting the cost of hiring starts with creating a more effective recruitment pipeline. Not only will this help reduce your budget, it will also reduce the drain on your organisation created by hiring unsuitable candidates. By developing a sustainable pipeline you can actively reduce the hidden costs of hiring and retaining the talent that will grow your business.

2. Mix up your recruitment model

Think hybrid to help cut the cost of recruitment in the year ahead. Adopting a hybrid model - combining in-house resource with professional external expertise - reduces the pressure on your recruitment model by giving you increased flexibility while allowing you to maintain a consistent standard of quality

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