What are the key recruitment pains?


Addressing pain at the bottom of the recruitment funnel

When you're looking for a new member of staff it's all too easy to focus on the top of the recruitment funnel. This is the stage where you select where you think your perfect hire might be hanging out, which job boards or offline advertising you might want to use.

It's natural to do this - after all, it's the start of the whole process so it seems instinctive to place all the resources and emphasis at the first stages.''However'the end of the recruitment process is just as valuable as the beginning.

The bottom of the funnel is the stage'which concentrates on'bringing new recruits on board. Potential pain points include:

  • Staff attrition due to poor onboarding process or lack of support and development: Onboard training and the whole'onboarding process'is essential to the bottom of the funnel. Yet a common problem is losing staff later on due to lack of support. There are ways you can address this common recruiting challenge to reverse the negative cycle.
  • In-house resource drained by reacting to unforeseen issues around staff and their roles: Many recruiters find themselves taken up with reactive rather than strategic issues, causing them long-term problems. There are things recruiters can do to free up time and'improve their staff retention.

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