What is your recruitment time-waster?


What does the time you spend onrecruitment cost your company?  Finding the right people can be very time consuming as well as potentially costly. There are a number of top time wasters that can have a big impact on a company's performance.

Which one is yours?

  • Strategy: Obviously a very important aspect of HR, but due to time constraints this is often focused purely on getting things done and meeting targets rather than on planning and reviews.
  • HR policy: Developing and agreeing policy is an essential activity, but also time heavy because of the involvement of high level HR professionals and the paperwork involved.
  • Training: Training and development activities take up a high level of time/cost for an organisation.
  • Recruitment: Core recruitment activities demand a high level of time and cost.
  • HR issues - Proactive: Proactive strategic activities can be very time-heavy.
  • HR issues - Reactive: This is potentially the achilles' heel of an HR team's activities - responding and reacting to the day to day issues that come up and fire fighting in response to specific issues.

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