What issues are causing a drain on recruitment experts?


Why is it that so'25% of'recruiters are finding their time and resource spent on reactive rather than strategic issues? (Source: Tomorrow People) It's not just down to the changing job market ' though that is an important factor in the equation.

So, what are the issues draining recruiters right now?

The drain on talent: Without a focused'talent pipeline, recruitment professionals are having to spend a lot of time responding to issues such as staff attrition and other problems. A lack of attention on the top of the talent pipeline can also create a drain on resources.

The drain on time: Recruiters are spending a lot of their time reacting to issues as they arise. The reality is that this will always be part of the job, but the proportion for many recruiters is very high and comes at the detriment of other activities. This significant drain can be reversed by fitting all activities within a clear strategy - from advertising a vacancy to scheduling in time to deal with any issues that arise with an individual'recruitment campaign.

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