What's going on with the cost of recruitment?


The cost of recruitment has traditional been a major issue for recruitment professionals. That's not surprising when you consider the combined impact of the known and hidden costs of finding,'selecting and hiring candidates.

Companies have had to work hard at keeping the balance between bringing exceptional candidates on board and'managing their cost per hire. Now a new approach is challenging the old way of getting things done ' and transforming the cost of recruitment at the same time. What does it involve?

High quality not high cost

Flat fee recruitment'done through the right online partner can deliver high quality recruitment campaigns at a low cost.

Saving time, not reducing quality

The time factor has traditionally been a big aspect of the cost of recruitment. Companies have struggled to find the time to cover every aspect of the recruitment process and bring the right people on board. An online recruitment model frees up recruiters' time and resources whilst guaranteeing an exceptional standard of candidate.

Fast response, not quick fixes

The online, flat fee recruitment model provides a fast response whilst maintaining a high standard of recruit. All proving that high calibre does not have to come at the expense of a company's cost per hire.

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