Why should recruiters compromise on quality?


The recruitment cost per hire conflict

Recruiters are increasingly facing a range of conflicting demands. They must balance the demands of their employer's budget (cost) with the aspirations of their organisation (talent acquisition). They also have to balance the pressures created by a growing pool of candidates with the need to maintain consistent standards of quality. Tougher financial times are also adding to the cost and quality issues affecting recruiters. So what are the answers to the cost per hire conflict faced by recruiters today?

Go strategic: In place of being drawn into reactive activities away from the core activities that help grow a business, recruiters can achieve more and reduce their cost per hire by going strategic.  Alongside the day-to-day activities of advertising a vacancy or drawing together a job spec, they need to build on time to for the bigger picture

Go for a mix: In place of the continuous conflict caused by trying to cover all activities in-house, recruiters can match recruitment activities with in-house and outsourced support to manage costs whilst maintaining quality. Using a flat fee recruitment model through an outside recruitment specialist keeps costs clear and resources focused.

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